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Victoria is a large, beautiful state in Australia that is filled with things to see and do. There is so much history and heritage along with timeless charm in the area. It’s quiet and tranquility add to its splendour. You may think that this is boring because it has none of the fanfare of Melbourne city but it has its own unique identity that cannot be taken away. Therefore, if at any point you happen to be travelling to Australia make sure to stop by Victoria and take the time to relax and savour what this city has to offer.

The Eastern Beach – Victoria

The Eastern Beach is a much adored and highly popular holiday spot in Victoria. Amid a plethora of eateries and shopping venues you can also find a good bar in geelong where you can enjoy a drink or two. There is also a lot of scenic beauty around that you will feel pleasantly surprised to know that this area was actually considered somewhat of a scar on the landscape before the 1930s came. By the end of that time period though, the natural appearance of the location changed so drastically, transforming it into the beautiful natural area that you see today. There are also many features like a shark-free children’s pool and a kiosk as well as a sea bathing area that is also shark-proof.

The Federation Square

The Federation Square is a monument that you need to witness in person for two reasons. One because it has been standing strong since 2002 and is built to commemorate the 100 years of the Federation and is considered iconic to the area. The other reason is that there has probably never been a monument in Australia that has been the centre of so much controversy. The monument is said to have divided the city into two clean halves where some people loved it and others detested it with a passion. Today however it is one of those integral features that carry a bit of the Victorian soul inside it and the city simply cannot do without.  There are many shopping venues in the Federation Square and there is outdoor al fresco style entertainment that you can enjoy. There is so much of that unique and intricate Victorian architecture all around the square and it hosts about 2000 visitors every year without fail.

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The Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Victoria is another venue that you simply have to visit. It is located towards the South of the famous Yarra River and was first established in the year 1846. It takes up more than 40 hectares of land that is so fertile and filled with more than 50,000 plant varieties along with about one and a half million ardent nature lovers who come to visit it and walk in its paths every year. You will also be able to see many different rare species of plants thriving in the gardens and also places like the Potter Foundation Children’s Garden where aspiring botanists, farmers and horticulturists get to grow and nurture their hobbies.

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