By Adele-mcmasters on 6th February

The rules that the game basketball is played by, are relatively simple to understand. As a captain, or a coach, once the rules have been taught to your team, having them say it back to you is one very good way in which you can ensure that they do not forget the rules. However, before you can teach anybody else the rules of the game, you need to know them correctly too. Here is basketball in a nutshell for you.

The Rules of the Game in Brief

This game played by a team and there will be five players each who will attempt to score points by shooting the basketball through the hoop that is usually about at a 10 feet elevation off the ground. The court will be separated by the mid line and there are two hoops at each end. If the team playing offensive hits the ball for the game behind the mid line, they will have about ten seconds to get it acrossthe line or it will have to give the ball to the defensive team. Similarly, once the offensive team gets the ball over the mid-court line it cannot be kept behind that line. If this is the case, the other or defensive playing team will be given the ball. The ball is moved by passing or dribbling. The team that does not possess the ballis called the defence and the players will try to take away the ball from the offense while also contesting shots, deflecting passes and gaining rebounds.



Personal fouls include any kind of physical contact that is illegal such as hitting, pushing, slapping, holding or intentionally picking or screening a member of the opposite team. The penalties for personal fouls is that a player gets two free throws if he has been fouled and the shot does not go in. if it does go in, he gets one free throw. Charging is when a team player runs over a member from the opposite team and is considered foul. Blocking happens when there is physical contact by the defender not being able to keep a position on time to stop the opponent shooting to the basket. Flagrant foul is violent contact with a member of the opposing team. Intentional fouls happen when there is physical contact with no intention to steal the ball. Technical foul can be committed by any player in terms of obscene language, gestures or arguing.

What Are The Player Positions?


The usual player positions are centre, offensive, defensive, forward – offensive and defensive and Guard – offensive and defensive. There is a lot more to the actual game and how and where the rules apply. A good coach will be able to teach you the game right if you are interested in playing basket all.

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