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If you are a vehicle enthusiast, then it is also most likely that you are well versed with every inch of the subject as devotees usually are. However, this is hardly the case with everyone, which is why this set of people should make an effort to learn a little more about vehicles, and of course vehicle maintenance. This is especially important if you are planning to buy a car of your own for the first time, but it is also good for general knowledge. You never know when you might need it, and it helps to be armed with information about this, since it is considered to be more basic nowadays. To start off, here is what you need you to know about transmission.

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The Dipstick

We all know a version of this word that is quite useful for when you want to cuss at someone, but that is not what this is. Every vehicle has what is known as a ‘dipstick’, which is a tool used to measure the transmission fluid. Much like you would with an oil check actually. So the first order of affairs? To locate this dipstick and make sure you know how to use it. You should be checking on your transmission fluid regularly, so the sooner you figure this out, the better.

The Transmission Fluid

Now for the star of it all: the transmission fluid. As mentioned above, there is nothing supremely complicated to this, it is just like checking for oil. However, you should check with your vehicle manual to find out whether your engine needs to be running, and whether your transmission should be in park mode. Whilst this is generally the norm, there could be some exceptions. So before you go ahead with the conventional method, best you check on it with the manufacturers so you can be sure of doing it right. Otherwise you will most likely be stuck looking for reliable clutch repairs Frankston.


Your automatic transmission is like your vehicle’s nervous system, so it needs to be in stellar shape at all times. It is your responsibility to ensure transmission fluid levels are always at the right amount, which you will know by the indicator on the dipstick. If it is less, top up of course. Insufficient transmission fluid can lead to a host of issues with your vehicle, making life that much harder in the process. Be sure to also have a technician take a look every so often, just to be certain that there is nothing amiss.


Save Money

Did you know that negligence with your automatic transmission can end up costing you a whole lot? The complications that this brings about on the rest of your vehicle (a domino effect so to speak), can be extensive, requiring costly repairs. So if you bought your vehicle second-hand for instance, the chances of it breaking down are higher than a brand new one. Save on unnecessary expenditure and hassle, simply by being more vigilant and aware.

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