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If you ask a local Sydney resident what’s the most beautiful harbour in the world, they would undoubtedly name the harbour named after their beloved city. Tourists can know when they visit the place to see why just about everyone loves the harbour at this bustling coastal city. If you are touring Australia, here are several tried and tested suggestions for sightseeing in and around the Sydney harbour:

Ride the Sydney Harbour Ferry

The most popular, and arguably the best, way to tour the Harbour is to go on a ride on the Sydney Harbour ferry. It’s part of the public transportation system of the city, so you will need an Opal card to get on it. The price for the ferry is surprisingly cheap, especially on Sundays. You will be able to enjoy breathtaking views of the Harbour and the city, and if you are a tourist, get to meet the locals.

Hire Your Own Boat

If public ferry is not for you, there are plenty of cheap boat hire Sydney options you can try. This might be the best option for families or other groups that won’t to tour the area in private. There are self-driving boats to ensure optimal privacy as well. You can throw a party on the boat or enjoy a mini family vacation.

Try a Tourist Ferry Ride

In addition to the affordable public ferry, you will find many touring ferries offered by private companies at the Harbour. The companies offer either long or short rides to small groups of people. You can get on one of these ferries to enjoy points at the Harbour the public ferry does stop by. For example, the manly ferry takes small groups to the Manly point, which is about 30 minutes away. The Parramatta River cat takes tourists up the titular river for about an hour. There’s a ferry that takes visitors to a zoo too. The options are endless here.

Take a Tall Ship on the Harbour

Try exploring the Harbour like in the olden days on a tall ship with beautiful white sails. Tall ship sailing is best in the evenings, when you can enjoy the beautiful colours of the sunset. It’s a great option for couples looking for a romantic getaway in the city. Tall ships also offer the option to spend an entire day at the sea. Most boating companies only arrange short trips on the Harbour. Contact a local tall ship company to actually ride ships built hundreds of years ago. The James Craig, for example, is a tall ship on the Harbour that was built 200 years ago. You will have to book these ships in advance, especially for longer rides.

Jet Ski at the Harbour

Adrenaline junkies looking for a thrilling tour of the Harbour can try one of the many jet boating tours offered here. You can essentially Jet Ski to famous landmarks at breakneck speed. The rides are certainly more action-packed than riding on a ferry. There are many companies that arrange Jet Ski rides that last as long as an hour.

You can try sea kayaking at the Harbour as well. The options are nearly endless when it comes to exploring this famed spot in Australia.

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