By Adele-mcmasters on 20th July

It is almost impossible not to eventually experience trouble with one or more of your kitchen appliances. Here’s a basic guide on dealing with the situation:

Emergency Situations

Sometimes, you may tend to panic about the little issues in the kitchen and call it an emergency. An actual emergency situation however, would be one for instance, where there is water gushing out from the inside of your washing machine or there is a strong odour of gas coming out from an appliance. In such cases, you will first make sure you leave the building and call for help immediately, even if it has to be 911.

However, if the situation is not dangerous, but still feels like an emergency, such as when your refrigerator has completely shut down and isn’t cooling up, you might want to call up expert repair services, like National Appliance Repairs, who work around the clock. These guys are usually there for you 24/7 and can be reached out to without a problem. A broken washing machine can wait, but not a refrigerator!

Non-Emergency Situations

Unlike the above scenario, you may have situations where you have been noticing little issues in your appliances over days or weeks and observing and even trying little hacks to see if any of them work, but you haven’t really been able to figure out what’s wrong exactly nor fix the issue completely. It is possible that the little signs eventually lead up to a warning sign, where the appliance won’t turn on, or one or more of the buttons/switches don’t work.

At this point, no doubt, you’d call up the experts. Nevertheless, waiting too long can sometimes lead to more damage. In a lot of cases, simply speaking to an expert on the phone should help you detect and resolve an issue then and there. Thus, if you think you should call them up, do not hesitate!

Looking for Experts

Ideally, you would have a list of services to call when there is an issue. If you don’t, consider it home work! It is always a good idea to learn about the best services around and get familiar with them so you can reach out when a situation arises. Look up the internet – it takes a little bit of research. Once you bump into a couple of names, look further – check out their websites, look for testimonials, and see what people have to say about them.

You can also ask around – neighbours, friends and family should have recommendations if they’ve faced scenarios in the past. In fact, some may have just the answers you’ve been looking for.   


Appliance repair can surely cost a bit, however, at the same time, you need to make sure you don’t pay more than you’re supposed to. Again, you need to obtain some insight about how the charges and costs work. Speak to those with experience – friends and neighbours, their information should be super useful. Also keep in mind that professional services can cost a tad more than usual, but might be still worth it. Also, don’t forget to check on warranties and see if you can still get a service or repair done for free.

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