By Adele-mcmasters on 17th February

Many car owners agree that buying new tires is not something important. They do cost a lot and in many cases the expense is not planned. However, when it is time to change your tires, it is something that simply has to be done. It is really tempting to postpone the purchase and buy something else from Woolworths but remember the fact that tires are highly important. Here are some of the reasons why.


All tires are essential for vehicle safety. In the event you used the tires for a long time and they are deteriorated, both you and all passengers are at high risk. Every single tire supports 1 quarter of the vehicle’s weight. This is not just a little weight. If tires are compromised, problems quickly appear.

Tires offer gripping ability while driving. They allow you to safely turn and stop the car faster. You are in danger if tires are worn out. Spending money on good tires every 5 years is practically an investment in your safety.


Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to afford more from the Coles catalogue every single time you want to shop there? Replacing your tires when it is time actually helps you to do that. Did you see higher pump bills lately? There is a pretty good possibility this is due to the tires.

You should know that when tires are not properly balanced or are unevenly worn down, fuel efficiency is lower than what it could be. Your car works harder so you end up using more fuel. Many car owners decide not to buy new tires because they try to save money. In reality, you lose much more in the long run as you pay more for fuel.


If tires have really good tread, have a proper pressure and are well-balanced, you instantly feel a difference in how the car drives since the experience becomes more composed and smoother. As tires are bare or damaged, you start to feel pulling, vibrating and more. Riding is not pleasurable and performance is lower than what it could be. Car tires help with suspension so driving is not erratic or bumpy.


Maximum traction is something you need from your tires because they affect almost everything connected with driving. Traction allows you to stay in control as you are faced with tougher weather conditions, like slushy roads, rain or snow. If the tire has as much tread as it should, snow and water easily go through the vehicle. The car remains grounded while driving. If tread is not proper, rubber spins on a wet surface. This can so easily lead to a really scary situation.

Keep in mind that even if weather conditions are perfect, it is still important to have tires in a proper working condition. Handling is increased and fuel consumption is reduced.

To sum up, do not postpone changing your car tires as soon as this is a necessity. You cannot trade your safety for anything and this is exactly what you would do in the event you drive with tires in an improper working condition.

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