By Adele-mcmasters on 28th September

Are you somebody who dreams about racing cars and becoming a racing car driver someday? Many people in this field are the ones who started really young. But that does not mean that you cannot get into it if you are slightly older. However, before you do all this, you need to make sure that your physical fitness is in good level and that you get the appropriate training as well.

Try Go-Karting First


It might feel like you are doing some children’s play time stuff but you will have to remember that any of the great race car drivers out there today started with go-karting to begin with. Go-kart competitions that you must enter at some point, are essentially toned down versions of race car driving competitions. Truth be told, many of the race car drivers out there today, who have made it big, started with go-karting at a young age. If you star winning at go-karting, chances are that sponsors will notice you and you may even be able to enter racing car competitions professionally.

Join a Local Chapter of a the Country’s Body for Racing


This is the first step in many countries for aspiring race car drivers to get their very first qualifications. Your country or state will have a body for the purpose and you need to join so that you can learn and get the qualifications you need. You will need a sports physical from a doctor in order to join most of the time which can be gotten rather easily. In addition to directly getting into the racing, you can also become a track-side person from which you can slowly move into racing while you gain insight into what happens on the track and how.

Learn Your Basic Seating Position

sitting position

Most of the new drivers do not think about the seating position. But, this is really important. If there is a crash, you will need to be braced against the seat and the seat will help you stand against the forces of the car. You need to make sure that all of your body is touching the seat when you sit down or in other words square up your body against the seat and do not twist or lean away. Make sure that your arms are at the right distance from the steering wheel. Meanwhile you also need to make sure that your legs are at a right distance from the pedals as well. If you can ensure that you go through these basic steps to begin with, the foundation that you set for your journey to become a race car driver is a solid one that will bring you good results in the future.

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