By Adele-mcmasters on 31st July

Are you planning to move abroad for your studies? It will be the beginning of a new chapter in your life where you get to learn and experience a lot more than you did ever before. Most of the time you will be moving alone and without your family so this will bring you a lot of new exposure as well as teach you responsibility as well. However moving abroad for studies also means that you will be away from home for a very long time and as such, there is a great deal of planning that goes into this. Here are the most important things that you should think about when planning to move abroad.

Do You Have Your Accommodation Sorted?

You will need to clear your accommodation at the same time that you get your admission into the university. While in most cases the university dormitories will be the place that you will be staying at you are also free to choose what you need according to your requirements. For example, you could look for Perth apartments for rent or other options based on the area that your university will be in. Sometimes, getting your own accommodation can also be either cheaper or more expensive depending upon your budget so do your homework and find the best place possible. You will need to pay a security fee on top of your tenant fee when you move in or before and you will then need to keep paying your monthly amount on time.

Can You Work While You Are Studying?

A lot of the students who go abroad for their studies look at working while studying so that they do not need to tax their families into sending them large amounts of money. However depending upon the country that you are going to, you may or may not be allowed to work and this is a legal requirement. You should never think about trying to work while your visa clearly states that you are not allowed to do so. If that is the case and you really have no other option but to work while you are studying you should look specifically for countries that facilitate this.

Read A Bit about the Lifestyle and the Culture

No matter where you have been brought up in, moving to another country that you have never lived in before can be a complete culture shock. The more that you go in prepared the better it will be for you to adjust to. Therefore make sure that you read up as much as you can and even watch videos of the country so that you have a basic understanding. There is no lack of resources today for you to do this with so you really should do your background research, if you are going into a country that speaks another language from your mother tongue in the majority, you should also try to learn something of their language as much as possible.

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