By Adele-mcmasters on 22nd October

Road trips are super fun and also allow you to visit various places in a short time. Here are tips for preparing for a road trip:

Get a Big Crowd

A road trip is only fun when you have a lot of people, at least five. This is why you should plan the trip ahead and tell your friends about it at least a month before it. Make sure that there are no last moment cancellations. Most of the people do road trips in their own vehicle but it is advisable for them to book a caravan. These are designed for such holidays and are way comfortable as they have beds, a toilet and a fridge. In order to ensure that your friends don’t back out the last moment, you could do the advance payment in order to book it.

Pack All the Essentials

When going on a road trip you will have to carry all your day to day essentials in a bag. In order to ensure that you don’t miss out on anything prepare a list. It should include things like medicines, power bank, and cotton throws as normal blankets are too big. If you have little children then make sure you pack extra clothes for them.  However, it is advisable to not take children below 5 on a road trip. This is because the long journey might not suit them so they will vomit, fall sick and be cranky the whole trip. So try leaving your child to your parents or an aunty he/she is fond of. Also don’t forget to pack your snacks as you might not come across restaurants on the way. Pack chips, popcorn, and sandwiches as this kind of foods will keep you full for a long time.

Don’t Waste Time Sleeping

Most of the time people waste their time sleeping on such a trip. There is no point going on such a trip if you want to sleep the whole time. Be a bit livelier, you all could play different games such as cards, sing songs. Also don’t be on your own that is listening to songs on your personal headphones or read books. In order to make this trip a memorable one, you will have to mingle with other people. You could even pull pranks on the spoiler that is the one who ends up sleeping just to spread a laugh. However, don’t pull a prank on someone who gets angry easily as this might lead to a dispute which will spoil your trip.

Enjoy Every Moment

Before you reach your destination you will come across a lot of places on the way which are beautiful. So instead of ignoring it and rushing to your destination you should stop and admire the beauty of the place. So stop by if you see a beautiful garden and take a lot of pictures, not for your social media followers but for memories. A holiday is a perfect way to get away from your day to day hectic schedules. This is why you should be calm and enjoy little things that come your way.

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