By Adele-mcmasters on 26th July

Boarding schools provide students with a unique educational experience. They grow up in a supportive community and they will also learn to be more independent from a young age. There are certain options you can choose from when it comes to the boarding school experience.

Many boarding schools Brisbane offer full time, term-time and short-term boarding for the students. Full time boarding is when the student resides on the school campus throughout the academic year. They will be able to experience the compelled residential experience. This will be a wonderful experience for them and as this is their first time being away from home, there will be many things that they will need to learn. Parents choose boarding schools for many reasons such as having rigorous academic and extracurricular activities as well as helping the students develop socially. In full time boarding, your child will be provided with meals including breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will generally be informed of the type of meals they will receive, These are nutritious meals that are prepared by professional chefs. The students are able to access fully-equipped dormitories and some schools tend to have houses. This allows them to create strong bonds of community with each other.

Full time boarding

Will also prepare them for the society as they will learn to get along with students from different backgrounds. The students can benefit from the laundry services provided by the boarding schools and this will also teach them to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. The student will have certain compulsory recreational activities as well as certain activities or sports they can join if they are interested. In term-time boarding, your child can join the boarding house for a term or a specific period. If your child is participating in a certain co-curricular activity or academic activity, this will be a good option as they will have to be at the school option. Also, if there are certain family commitments where you are unable to provide transportation to your child or any other reason, you can look for temporary residence at the school for your child.

There is more flexibility

In term-time boarding option as the student can stay as long as needed on the campus and they will also be able to access additional academic support during the stay so that they are able to stay on top of their academic or extracurricular work. This is also a great option if your child is transitioning into a new school and you want to make the process smooth as possible. There is also short term boarding where students can stay at the school for a shorter duration compared to full time and term-time boarding. This allows the student to be immersed in an intensive environment when preparing for an examination or to concentrate on a challenging subject. They will be provided access to school facilities such as the study spaces, libraries, laboratories etc. so that their learning experience can be optimized.

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