By Adele-mcmasters on 8th December

Whether you are a mechanic who works in a garage, have your own garage or are simply passionate about personal vehicle repair and maintenances, then a hoist needs to be something that is in your repertoire. Whilst they are not terribly complicated to get the hang of, you definitely need to learn about them quite thoroughly. They are certainly not items to be taken lightly, and should always be operated with maximum responsibility and accountability. So without further ado, take a look at the following points for an introduction to the subject.

Comfortable for Work

Hoists are incredibly useful to lifting vehicles, which is in turn beneficial for when you need to fix something under them. Additionally, if you have some sort of physical ailment, you can still lift the car to a convenient position, so you do not need to strain unnecessarily. For someone who works with vehicles all day long like mechanics, hoists are a mandatory feature. If not, over time they can develop sometimes irreversible conditions caused by excessive straining and working with heavy machinery.

Know What You Want

You will find that the market for hoists is just as wide and varied as the market for vehicles themselves. Hence, it is important for you to conduct extensive research, especially if you are new to the whole thing. Bringing home a hoist that is completely useless for your requirements does not sound like a smart plan whatsoever. If for instance you are browsing through Tufflift hoist hydraulics, you want to study the different weight capacities, how they function, and what characteristics they have that will serve your needs. There is a lot of information out there, you just need to invest some time on it.

Determine Lifting Capacity

Even though it might be able to lift vehicle quite effortlessly, do bear in mind that even hoists come with a limit. So when browsing around for one, be sure to also look at how much weight it can lift. In fact, hoists are typically rated according to this, with some being able to lift up to 150,000 pounds; sometimes even more. This will also help you ensure safety at all times, both at home and in the workplace. Make sure you never exceed the advised weight, and that if you use one in a garage, you also advise the employees to do the same.


Of course it does not matter how good the hoist you have your eye on is, if you cannot afford it in the first place. Hoists come in a range of designs, which means that they also come with varying price tags in turn. You will find that light-duty hoists are cheaper, though of course this is because they have lower lifting capacity. If you are looking to just maintain personal vehicles, you could perhaps look at two-post hoists for instance. It all depends on what kinds of vehicles you plan on servicing with it, including those you may get in the near future.


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