By Adele-mcmasters on 14th June

Most of us love to travel or the idea of it. But how many of us actually spend time traveling and exploring our own native land? Sometimes you might surprise yourself by rediscovering your country and even surprise yourself at what you might be able to find. Here are a few reasons why you should be a tourist in your own country.


The most common reason for most people not to travel abroad is its affordability. Venturing abroad can be challenging as you need to book in flights, accommodation, get vaccinations and worst of all, you get overcharged for being a tourist and get lost in the whole exchange rate business. On the contrary, you need not deal with any of the above if you’re travelling in your country.


Travel is an ideal way to find out your country’s history and heritage. You’ll learn to be appreciative of the things that you have and have achieved over the years. Overall you’re looking at your homeland in a whole new perspective with each discovery you make. And you’ll find yourself wanting to travel more and learn more.

Comfort Zone

Even though travelling is fun and adventurous. It can bring in a lot of strain to deal with every detail that a foreign land can bring. At home you’re a master of your own travel. You’re familiar with the local currency, your people, the language and confident enough to deal with everyday travel detail. Besides you can work out your travel schedule any time of the year or even settle in for unplanned trips. You can even visit the same location over and over again.

Drive Yourself

Having your own wheels can be a blessing as you can schedule trips and decide on stopovers at your heart’s content. You need not worry about catching domestic flights, trains or any kind of public transport for that matter. Added to this, you can now travel with your own house and comforts in tow since the market is now geared with caravans to buy. Having your own caravan saves you time and costs spent on local accommodation as well.

Visit Family and Friends

In-country travel is an ideal way to catch up with old relatives and friends who live far away. It’s an opportunity to reach out and reconnect with them. You’re even in more luck if you have generous ones since they’d let you stay with them or even assist you to plan your local trip around.

Make New Friends

Making new friends in other cities can be a rewarding experience. Unlike long distance relationships, these relationships are easy to maintain and chances are high that you’ll meet up again and again.

It’s Inspirational

Travel inspires more travel as it inspires to keep exploring and discovering places. Exploring locally can definitely give a good kick start to your travel plans in the long run.

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