By Adele-mcmasters on 28th February

Are you struggling to lose weight? If you feel like you are really struggling to do so, perhaps you may not be using the right methods of losing weight. Or there could be something that you are engaged in that is counter-productive to all the hard work that you out in to lose weight. But you should know that by adopting the right lifestyle habits there is a pretty big chance that you can even gain the body that you wish for in a year or two even if you are somebody who has ever worked out in your life before. Here are some great lifestyle habits that will keep you shape and fit.

What Are You Eating?

So, may have been working out for months and even dieting but you may not be losing weight. Perhaps you should take a closer look at what you are eating, thinking that they are healthy for you. Let’s take salads for example, are you eating salads that are heavy on the fresh vegetables, leafy greens and fruit or are you actually just eating potato salad, bacon salad, salads with mayonnaise, French dressing or some kind of dressing dousing it from top to bottom? There are dressing like balsamic and lemon or vinaigrette that may be alright to use in small quantities but as much as possible stay away from items that are creamy. Reduce starch in your salads. Pasta salad is not low calorie and croutons are not needed.

How Are You Working Out?

Are you working out regularly or do you go to the gym on an irregular number of days a week and just do whatever that you want to do? If you are the second type then your body simply cannot lose weight, because what you are doing does not give it a routine and you are not disciplined enough for your body to start boosting your fat burn levels. Give some regularity to the work outs that you do and if possible get the help of a professional near you such as Fitness Fit Fitzroy North for example, that can give you a plan that you can work out to and achieve your goal within a set time to target. The more disciplined that you get, the better your results will be.

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

You also have to drink enough water because it has been proven to boot your body functions and burn fat better and faster. The more water you drink you are providing your body with more fuel. You should not drink water until you feel like you want to throw up but you should as an adult think of taking in the recommended amount of water which is around 8 big glasses. If you feel extra thirsty, have sweat a lot or is going through a stressful or really warm summer day, you may need to increase this a bit more. These are some of the easiest lifestyle habits that you can foster to gain great fitness results.

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