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“Purchasing a pre-owned car is a mistake” –another debunked old wives’ tale. With the increase of manufacture to supply the increasing demand of cars there are so many pre-owned cars in the market in extremely good condition. So why not buy them instead of incurring a major debt to afford a brand-new car? Read on to find out why you should stick with a pre-owned car.

1962 Plymouth Sport Fury

Save A Few Hundred Bucks

If you trying to strike a balance between saving up a bit and purchasing a car, sticking with the pre-owned cars is the best option. Especially if your familyis on a budget and in need of a vehicle to move around the kids, a used car will be a great option. Also pre-owned cars have a great value if you are stuck with a tight budget or in need of a private mode of transportation urgently. Besides, it is a much better option to purchase a used car of a better model than sticking with a brand new car of an unreliable brand. Automotive enthusiasts can purchase well-reputed brands like Jaguar or Land Cruiser from popular dealers like Roadbend Motors

Pre-Owned Cars Minimize Depreciation

According to the experts, brand new cars depreciate about 20% when they are driven off the parking lot. Also most other cars will lose an additional amount of 10% in value during the first year. In total that is 30% of a value loss in just the first year. You can sidestep this disaster by purchasing a pre-owned car. Although year old vehicles are hard to come by, you can easily go ahead with a three or four year old vehicle as well.

They Bring Down Insurance Costs

The primary aspect in determining the cost of a car insurance policy is the price tag of the car. Since a pre-owned car has a relatively low price tag than a newer version, the cost of insurance will definitely draw a smile on your face. You can even save more money since certain parts of the car insurance can also be dropped.

They Reduce Registration Fees

According to the basic car insurance policies, the cost of registration of the car directly depends on the transaction. If new regulations demand to increase the registration fees, you will be less affected by the policies due to the satisfactory cost of the vehicle.

You Also Get More Bang for Your Buck

Another benefit in sticking with the good old used cars is the room they provide you to go ahead with any necessary remodelling or fixing up any sort of add-ons. It might not be the exact luxury car you always dreamt of. But it is a start and the pre-owned cars will provide you with a kick-start in getting there.

1968 Mustang

YouCan Drive in Peace

Although back then, buying a used car meant buying someone else’s problems, with the rising prices of the vehicles and the existence of other priorities, pre-owned cars seem like the best bet out there. If you are afraid of the hidden issues of the car that might show up when you are behind the wheel, you always have the option to go with a well-reputed dealership that is certified.

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