By Adele-mcmasters on 15th December

It goes without sayingthat most people want to look good while they are working out however, theclothes you wear should be less about how fashionable it is and more about howfitting and comfortable it is. It is important that you wear something that canimpact your workout successfully. For typical workout routines, it is best towear clothes that keep you cool, made of airy, good quality fabrics and fitswell. Find below some tips that will help you decide on the type of workoutwear you should ideally be wearing.


Choosing the Fabric and Material

Fabrics that help wicking, which is essentially materials that draw the sweat away from the body are ones that will help you keep cool during a workout. These fabrics are synthetic usually and come in polyester, lycra or spandex materials. Some key features of certain active wear is that it is made from polypropylene which contains “Coolmax” or “Supplex” fibres which helps with managing the body temperature during a heavy workout. For lighter workouts where you would not anticipate much sweating, you can wear cotton which is soft and comfortable. These can be worn when walking, stretching or even yoga sessions. Keep in mind that cotton tends to get heavy when sweaty so it may not work well for aerobic or intense activities.

Pay Attention to the Fitting

Depending on yourpersonal style and body type, you may prefer baggy or loose clothing thatcovers most of the body, some others would prefer to wear fitted outfits thathelp highlight and make your muscles and curves visible when you exercise.While you may find different varieties of mens gym clothing, it is important to pick the outfits to suityourself where functionality and fit are key factors. However, making sure thatthe clothes you are wearing makes you feel good too is equally important,especially when working out since you might be discouraged or tempted to cutyour exercise routine short.

Tailor the Clothes to Your Needs

Picking clothes that arepractical of course becomes important when working out. For example; it wouldbe a bad idea to wear long pants when you are cycling or running as you wouldnot want to trip and fall or have it get stuck in the pedals. Similarly, foryoga and Pilates, it is usually advised to wear clothing that is not too loose,instead wear clothes that move freely with your during the different poses andstances of the activity. Women can wear leggings and tops or t-shirts while mencan do with shorts and t-shirts. During cold seasons or winter, it would beappropriate to wear full sleeve t-shirts or sweatshirts to keep you warm.

Appropriate Footwear

There is a variety ofactive footwear that people can choose from depending on the activity theyintend to use it on often. For example, there are different types of shoes forrunners, tennis players, weight lifters and so on. The crucial factor is toensure that the footwear protects the feet, boosts performance while supportingyour feet and body.

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