By Adele-mcmasters on 27th January

Driving around Australia in a campervan is a thrilling way to explore the country. Campervans come with sleeping and cooking facilities, so you can save up on accommodation and restaurant costs on your trip. If you don’t have at least $10,000 to buy a used campervan, you might want to consider hiring one. There are several services that provide campervan rentals. However, you should know what to look for to get the best campervan hire for your trip. Here are several tips for renting the right campervan for you:

Know What’s Included in the Package

It’s important to know what comes with the campervans when you hire it. For example, some campervan hire packages include items like bed linen, kitchen equipment, child seats, and campsite seating items. You should inquire whether these items are included with your rental. If not, you will need to acquire these before the trip. But you don’t want to restock two of the same items and clutter the limited interior.

Get the Tax Rate

The GST applies to campervans when they are rented out. The tax is typically included in the rental price. However, it’s highly recommended to check the price quote to make sure GST is one of the charges that are included so you have a realistic idea of the full costs.

Pick Up and Drop off Locations Should be Specified

The rental company should offer specifics for pickups and drop off locations. This is important because you don’t want to drive around looking for a corporate office. Services like Hit the Road offer multiple pickup and drop off locations for the convenience of clients.

Get Your License Ready

For Australian locals, the regular driver’s license (unless it’s expired or in on probation) is sufficient for operating a campervan. If you are a tourist in Australia who want to go on a campervan trip, you need to get your international driver’s license verified before leaving. If you don’t have an international driving permit, you need to present an English translation of your native country’s driver’s license (if not in English). Keep in mind that the Australia government may not accept driver’s licenses from certain countries.

Mind the Age Restrictions for Young or Elderly Drivers

You should declare your age to the rental company when hiring the campervan. Some companies allow 18-year-olds to operate campervans, but in Australia, the legal age for driving a campervan is 21 or above. Rental companies should not deny a hire for drivers who are over 75 as long as they provide medical evidence that they are fit to drive.

Negotiate to Reduce Liability Charges

Campervan rental companies charge an excess, a deductible fee that protects in liability cases. It’s a charge that reflects what you have to pay if you crash the campervan. The rental vehicles are insured against damages and other issues. Therefore, you can sometimes negotiate down the excess. When renting, ask why the excess is as high as it is and whether you can pay a lower amount.

On a final note, it’s recommended to take out your own travel insurance before you hire a campervan for a trip. The campervan’s insurance policy will not cover you.

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