By Adele-mcmasters on 27th April

A winch can help you move heavy objects such as vehicles and equipment. But there are other tools you can use to increase the effectiveness of the winch. In this article, we are going through some of the tools you can include in your recovery kit along with the winch.

The snatch block is used with the winch in order to change the direction of the winch cable. This is actually a pulley and you can use this when you notice that the winch is not in a straight line with the vehicle. The use of this tool allows you to change the angle of the cable and this can reduce the load on the winch. You will soon notice that the pulling process has become a lot easier. You can also double the pulling power of the winch using this. If you are anchoring the winch to a tree, you can use a tree strap for the protection of the tree. If you use the winch cable directly on the tree, this will cause damage to the bark. But by using a flat stray around the tree, you now have a barrier that protects the tree from the winch cable. Another essential tool that you can use with a winch is the D-shackle.

If you want to add more length to the winch cable, you can use a winch extension strap.

This can be used when you are pulling an object that is some distance away from the winch. This is a great tool when you are driving in difficult terrain. Sometimes your vehicle will be stuck in a spot that is very hard to access. An extension strap will be a great help in this situation. You also need to think about your safety when using a winch. A common injury that can happen is when you are gripping the cable in your hands, it can slip. This can be very painful. So you can wear some gloves to protect your hands and also reduce the likelihood of the winch cable from slipping. You will also find that it is easier to control the winch cable when you are wearing gloves.

If you want to control the winch from a distance, you can use a winch controller.

This way, you will be able to maintain a safe distance away from the vehicle. This is a good tool to have for many off-roading vehicles. Sometimes your vehicle will be pulled in a hazardous location and the winching process can be made more accurate by using this. This is because you will be able to control the direction and speed of the winch cable. When pulling your vehicle once it is stuck in sandy or muddy terrain, you can use a recovery strap with the winch so that pulling power can be increased. But this should be rated for the weight of your vehicle. Make sure that the recovery strap is fastened securely before you start pulling the vehicle out. 

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