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There are currently countless luxurious travel destinations in Australia. This should come as no surprise since the continent is quite large, covering so much actual space. The largest state in the country is Western Australia, which is actually around five times larger than the state of Texas. This is where you find Melbourne, one of the most popular overall destinations in the entire continent.

The problem in many cases is that people think the luxurious options are out of rich. This is incorrect. You can enjoy luxury wherever you go and Melbourne is not different. Fix It Right Plumbing in Australia gives you some interesting suggestions that we will talk about below, allowing you to make luxurious travel affordable in Melbourne.

Phillip Island

For starters, you may want to visit Phillip Island, a wonderful travel destination, where the world-renowned Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix is held. To reach it, all you need is to go through a 90 minute drive from the city. Once you reach the Island you will be surrounded by contrasts and you will want to have the camera with you.

This circuit is close to numerous attractions you are surely going to love. This includes Nobbies Centre, Churchill Island Heritage Farm, Koala Conservation Centre and the Penguin parade. If you have some extra time, make sure you also consider Phillip Island Chocolate Factory for some tasty handmade chocolate as a souvenir.

Yarra Valley

This is the best location if you are interested in a sunrise balloon ride as it is truly spectacular. Yarra Valley is one of the most beautiful winery regions in Victoria and the country. There are ninety vineyards there surrounded by mountains. Balloon riding here is not at all expensive and you should seriously consider a morning ride so you can combine it with a champagne breakfast and enjoy the colors you see from above.

St Kilda

Those that love culture need to go to St Kilda when in Melbourne. This bayside city suburb gives access to so many wonderful eating venues and shops. Also, the main tourist attraction is Luna Park, an amusement park that was built in the year 1912.

Sports Lovers Tour

Just as the name implies, this is a tour you want to be on if you are a sports fan. The tour is basically a city sightseeing tour but with a clear difference as you explore the excitement and history of Melbourne’s sorting side. This includes football, rugby, cricket and tennis. You are actually taken to sports venues and taught about historical events, making the tour totally different than what many expect from sightseeing.

Colonial Tram Car Dinner

Last but not least, this offers a really interesting dinner experience that is quite unexpected, with a twenties splendor combined with modern day facilities. You are in a colonial tram and can experience period dining while surrounded by perfect setting and privacy. The train ride is surely one of the most interesting you will ever be on, all at a price that is much lower than expected.

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