By Adele-mcmasters on 1st March

It is a great way to keep fit when you go to gym regularly and while this can be difficult to start, when you finally make it a habit, it will be something addictive and something that you would look forward to every day. Sometimes even if you do go to gym regularly, you may feel that it might not be giving you the desired results. Fortunately, you can get the results you want if you want by going to the gym regardless of your goals. The main point is to develop an effective workout routine so that you can keep at it once it becomes a habit and be prepared to make changes in your life for the betterment.

Have Realistic Goals

It is important to have a realistic schedule that you are able to stick to daily. Make sure that it is not overwhelming and something that would lead you to burn out. It is not effective to go to the gym every day for example; thinking it will give you faster and better results. This will only turn out to be discouraging if you don’t meet your desired goal. Instead, you have to determine how many days you can realistically dedicate to going to the gym. You can consider personal training and increasing the frequency of the training once you get the gist of working out and it becomes more of a habit. If you are also new to working out at a gym, setting aside about 2 to 3 days is sufficient for you to begin with.

Wear Comfortable Gym Wear

It is important to wear comfortable clothing that helps to work out easily and will not get in the way while exercising. Wearing clothing that is airy and wicks away any sweat is important, these can be made of polyester, nylon, spandex or a cotton-polyester blend are good choices to wear to the gym. Polyester for example, can be laundered without a hassle and must be washed after every workout otherwise they tend to develop an unpleasant smell.

Take the Necessary Workout Gear

A workout routine requires some key items to keep in hand such as a bottle of water to stay hydrated. Aim to keep yourself hydrated with at least 240 ml of water each time after a workout session as you will be losing water in your body as you exercise. If you don’t hydrate yourself, this will cause dehydration which will have a negative impact on the body causing cramps and dizziness because of the muscles getting weaker. You can also consider isotonic or sports drinks that contain sodium and electrolytes to help give your body more energy during the workouts.

Warming Up and Doing Some Stretching

It is crucial to warm up before you start your workout as this helps stretch your muscles and body. When you make stretching a habit then this will come naturally to you each time. Focus on certain dynamic movements that help your muscles stretch and go through the full range of motion.

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